What Your Child’s Teacher REALLY Does

By definition, Merriam-Webster declares a teacher is one who teaches; especially : one whose occupation is to instruct.  Just a wild guess, but I think we all knew that.  What the dictionary doesn’t tell you are things teachers do that are rarely recognized or even thought about.

Your child’s teacher is his or her “parent” five days a week, seven hours a day.  He or she has the responsibility of caring for your child, ensuring his or her safety, comforting when needed, recognizing illnesses, and reaching out to you when needed.  Those are just the good parts.

Teachers help wash dirty hands, wipe snotty noses, clean stinky butts, change dirty clothes, tie shoes endlessly, zip pants, button jackets, and the list goes on.  They manage all this multitasking while giving your child an education.  Surely you’ve asked your child what he learned in school today. Have you ever asked how many times Mrs. Smith helped wipe his nose?  Zipped her jacket for her? Gave him a hug just because? Made a special effort to make certain they understood?

Teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy school supplies, they develop lesson plans and curriculum to teach that enables your child to succeed and move on to the next grade while taking care of your child.

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches (May 8, 2017 to May 12, 2017), show your appreciation by giving your child’s teacher a gift just for him or her.

Teachers spend most of their days standing. Give the gift of relaxation with our Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, and Orange Bath Salts. This collaboration of essential oils and salts relaxes the mind and body. For fizzy or bubbly fun bath skin moisturizers, our Bath Bomb Assortment or Bubble Bath Bars will do the trick.

If you prefer a gift that can be kept forever, Local Whimsy offers beautiful handcrafted wooden blocks with words of your choosing. Send a private message from Facebook to order.

This year’s theme is #ThankATeacher. Before you decide you aren’t participating, remember this: all of those I Love You Mommy handprint cards, Happy Father’s Day cards, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas gifts your child made at school were designed by a teacher and made with the help of a teacher.  Teachers go way above and beyond the call of duty, they certainly deserve our thanks.

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