How to easily make $700 by November 15

Pay bills, buy birthday gifts, or have a free Christmas. The choice is yours. InstaGC is a site where you can take surveys, search the web, click on slideshows, watch videos, and other offers all for money! You can cash out at $1.00 or you can let it build up. If you start today making $3.00 per day and let it build up, you will have $687.00 by November 15th. Easy Christmas money, right?

Go here to sign up  InstaGC.  After signing up, make sure you confirm your email before anything else!

  • You can find surveys in 3 sections – Click Earn, Recommended, InstaGC and CHANGE THE CATEGORY TO DAILY!  This is where you will see the surveys that reset daily (12 pm midnight).  I usually do Live Sample I and Live Sample II (105 points each x 2 = $2.10).  On the same page is Your Surveys for 70 points each.  I do as many of those as possible.  If you still want to make more, go back to Earn, recommended, InstaGC, Studies.  Fill out the ones you want to.
  • I also love Peanut Labs.  Click on that and check out their offers.  AdWall is good too.  They all have something to offer if you like that category.

When doing surveys, ALWAYS be honest.  If you aren’t and the same company offers you a different survey under a different advertising name, you forget the lie you told, you will get DQ’d and possibly banned.

I always find it helps to clear cookies/cache A LOT.  I usually do this between two surveys.  You can also use different email addresses.  A lot of the offers come from the same advertisers and you may get disqualified until they reset.  If you notice offers that are not crediting, that is why.

If you do not like surveys, watch videos.  The points are less but they do add up!  Click Earn, Recommended, and Videos.  You watch five videos for one point; however, if you click SORT BY VIDEOS, you may get more points for watching.

This is one of the easiest ways there is to make money on InstaGC:  Visit Sites.  Click Earn, Recommended, Sort by Clicks.  Click on an offer to go to the site.  Let the entire page load and sit for at least 30 seconds and then close out.  I do these daily for extra, easy points.

To the right, there is something called a TICKER.  This is where you will see what other members are currently getting credit for and you can click the link directly from the ticker if you like.  This is an easy way to get bigger points of you see a big points offer.

Do NOT rush through surveys or any other offers.  I am a fast reader and if you are as well, SLOW DOWN.  If the survey thinks you rushed through, you will not get credit.  The amount of time it takes to credit is listed with the offer.  Most surveys credit immediately.  Do not get discouraged if you do not qualify for one.  Keep trying (and make sure those cookies are cleared)!  I usually get DQ’d for the first two or three Live samples but eventually you will get one you qualify for.

If you do not have time for any of this, simply do the clicks.  You click, go through slide shows, enter the Captcha and done!  It’s THAT easy.

I do recommend reading their user guide on the top right-hand side of the page (the question mark) as well as taking the site tour which is a drop down from the question mark.

As for the downloads of games and things, I personally do not do any of these because I do not trust them (that’s just my own paranoia about spyware and malware).  Do what you think is best.

I promise you this site works. For just a few minutes a day, you will be making money.  They offer gift cards, paypal, and direct deposit.  I use direct deposit because it is quicker and I can spend it anywhere.

That’s it!  If you have 20 to 30 minutes per day, go make some money!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at



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