Which Easter Egg Dye Method Works Best?

Hey Everyone!

So, with Easter fast-approaching, Goose and I decided to do a little experiment and see which method of dying Easter eggs truly works best! We tested 3 different methods, for which I will provide links to directions as well as our results.


I will start by saying, we had a GREAT time! It was messy, fun and we laughed and made memories. She loves to help and I love being able to do things with her.

So, here we go… First, we tested the Kool-aid method of coloring Easter eggs. You can find the directions we used here: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/kool-aid-tie-dye-easter-eggs-143963.aspx Please skip to “How to make solid-color Easter eggs” to find the directions used here.


We used cherry, blue-raspberry lemonade, grape and orange as you can see the lovely Goose preparing in the photo above.

Second, we tested a store bought Paas magical color cups kit. IMG_0912 This can be purchased at any grocery store. The kit comes with 5 colors. We chose pink (no red in this kit), purple, blue and yellow (there was no orange) to stay as close as the first eggs as possible.

Last, we testing the shaving cream method!! (yes, I am a very brave grandma!!) I read many posts about how fun and messy this method is. Messy for sure. I am not positive that Goose found it fun! We did try to use a pair of gloves, I recommend a pair for EACH color you are using! Here are the directions we used! http://athriftymom.com/swirl-easter-eggs-how-to-dye-easter-eggs-with-shaving-cream/ Goose and I used single colors to keep this experiment fair! We used neon food coloring and after spraying a cookie sheet with shaving cream (not gel) I made sure to smooth it all out for her before she started with the food coloring.



We used all 4 colors, purple, pink, blue and green. Spacing them far enough apart so the colors would not mix.


We ended up with a huge mess and did away with the gloves, resulting in very colorful hands! (hand sanitizer works great for removing food coloring after a few uses!) We then set the eggs aside to dry while covered in colored shaving cream. IMG_0925

At this point we started removing the eggs we had already placed in the kool-aid cups as well as the Paas cups, finally wiping the shaving cream off of the last eggs. As you will see in the next picture, we had 4 eggs colored with each method.


The bottom row was the shaving cream and food coloring method (neon purple, blue, pink and green). The middle row was the kool-aid method. (yes the purple came out looking black and the colors seemed to peel back as they dried) We declared the purple a raptor egg as it did not look purple at all! Finally (closest to Goose), the store bought, Paas magical color cup kit.

We thought each method created one egg that looked better than the other two methods. The purple shaving cream egg was very pretty. The red kool-aid egg was the most colorful! The blue Paas egg was brilliant and beautiful!

For overall consistency, the store bought kit was best. The least expensive was Kool-Aid and the messiest (causing the most laughs!!) was definitely the shaving cream eggs!

We hope you have as much fun as we did no matter which method you choose for coloring your Easter eggs this year. Post pictures so we can enjoy them and so Goosie can see the other eggs being hidden around the world!

xoxo~ Tails

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