How to Earn Money while Spending Money

We had family over for dinner this weekend and I discovered that some people are still unaware of various ways to make money while shopping. Whether you are shopping online or at a retail store, you can make money!

I am going to provide you with links to different sites or apps, give you a brief description of each one, and let you decide which ones are best for you.

TopCashback (Online shopping) Before you type the store into your search bar, type TopCashback. Sign up for an account. You will need to enter payment information so they know where to send your money! I use PayPal. Now, in the search bar on the TopCashback site, type the name of the store you want to shop at. When that store comes up, click it and it will tell you what percentage is Cash Back. Click Cash Back and go shopping! You do not have to do anything else. TopCashback will take you directly to the store.  Your purchase will be recorded and cash back will be applied to your account when the merchant pays TopCashback. This usually does not take long but stores differ, so read the fine print. One of the main reasons I love this site is it records my visit for seven days. If I decide not to buy anything the first time I visit but go back two days later and buy it, TopCashback still pays me. If I go to Walmart and spend $150.00 online, I made $12.00 (currently 8% cashback) for doing nothing except typing TopCashback instead of Walmart. Easy enough, right? Click TopCashback at the beginning of this description and start earning!

shopkick (click to download the app). This is another favorite of mine because I earn kicks (reward points) simply by walking in a store. I also earn by scanning items, making purchases of featured products, and receipts. Shopkick provides stores based on your location. My stores include Food Lion, Walmart, Family Dollar, JC Penney, Rite Aid, and many more. I highly suggest that you read through the Questions tab after setting up your account in the app. They explain everything you need to know. Click shopkick above and start saving! Note: It does not matter which reward you pick when setting up your account. You can change it anytime.

Ebates (app for mobile or site account) Ebates is a lot like TopCashback with a few exceptions. The main one being you can be paid to shop online or in a store. They also pay out only four times per year, but who cannot use a surprise check every three months? I also love this app because I do not have to log in and then search for the store. If I shop at any of the over 1800 stores eBates features, a red tab pops up telling me there is cash back available and click to activate. It’s that simple! They also offer coupons and double cash back at different stores, different times. You will definitely want to read their guides on how it works in order to get the most money out of it. Since I like getting the most bang for my buck, I compare the percentages of eBates with TopCashback and, of course, shop where the percentage of cash back is highest.

ibotta (free app) Ibotta (pronounced I bought a) is a grocery shopping app that recently added movie tickets to their cash back program. In a nutshell, open the app before you go shopping and unlock the items shown that are on your shopping list. You do simple tasks to unlock an item (like a facebook page and little things like that). Buy said item, scan your receipt, and get paid within 24 hours. Linking your loyalty cards to certain stores will even save you from having to scan your receipt. Read the “How to use Ibotta” guide to familiarize yourself with the app.

These are my top four make money while spending money apps/sites. Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments and happy shopping!

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