Workout of the week!

We here at Pickle Stew are all about being fit but realize not everyone has time to workout for hours each day. That is where our workouts will come in to help you!

These are fun, reasonable in time and effort, and will leave you feeling the fruits of your labor! More importantly, it won’t take long before you….and others!!!…. SEE your hard work paying off!

This workout can be done at home in your spare time. 15 minutes between loading the dishwasher and the washing machine? Kids down for a nap or for the night? Commercials between your must-see show of the season? Hustle and get it done…. it really will make a difference… trust me!

If you have a bench, great!  If not, grab your ottoman, closest chair, even the edge of your couch will work great!

Move #1 will work your triceps…. I, (Tails),  happen to think definition in a woman’s triceps is as sexy as it gets! While primarily working your triceps, this move will also help your shoulders, core, and in some way or another, your entire upper body.

We will be doing HIIT between these moves… you’ll learn about this when we get there!

Move #2 will work your booty! Who doesn’t want a more toned booty? On top of that, it will help in the hip area, thighs and if you raise up onto your toes, will even work your calves!

With all of this said…. let’s see the workout in motion….

  1. Tricep dip. legs outstretched, holding yourself up on the edge of your bench, chair or couch, slowly lower your body down to the point where your lower body is almost horizontal with the floor and using the backs of your arms (triceps) lift your body back even with the platform you use. Repeat 5 times. IMG_0844 IMG_0845
  2. Stand up and jog in place (at the fastest pace comfortable for you) for 30 seconds.
  3. At the end of 30 seconds, return to your platform. Resting your back against the couch or bench, position your feet under your hips. Squeezing your buttocks, raise your hips until level with your platform, squeezing the muscles at the top for a few seconds (to your comfort level) before releasing back to the floor. Repeat 5 times. IMG_0843IMG_0842
  4. Repeat HIIT of jogging for 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat all steps, 5 times in a row. Rest as needed.
  6. REMEMBER: Don’t push too hard but PUSH! You’ll be in your new summer body before you know it!

HUGE thanks to my fitness model. HD! Look for much more from her and others, coming soon!


What are you waiting for?? Get moving! ~ Tails

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